Experts In Financial Services
Rothstein Recruitment is a focused Financial Services business with decades of experience providing end to end recruitment in the City of London.

Our objective is to consistently minimise the time and energy our clients invest in their recruitment processes, and to maximise the quality of the professionals they hire.
Deep Understanding of Financial Services
Uncovering Talent
Candidate Experience
Tailored To You
We understand the critical importance of professional and motivated people in any financial services organisation.

With our many years of experience serving clients in the City, our team has the DNA to quickly understand our clients' requirements, to understand all associated challenges and aspirations, and to rapidly present the best and most suitable candidates.

Our objective extends beyond, as we look to ensure that your chosen candidate then joins and succeeds at your firm.
Our network started in 1984 - building and maintaining relationships with best graduates from the best universities and intake schemes. The continuity of this process has created a lasting network, of all seniorities, across the City and beyond.

We believe in building enduring collaboration, being your trusted advisor and strategic partner. Our commitment to your long-term growth is achieved by introducing exceptional financial services professionals who contribute to your organisation's progression and prosperity.

We leave no stone unturned in our search for the very finest candidates. We search for those who not only possess the required skills and experience, but who also demonstrate the passion for excellence, and the commitment to drive your organisation's further success.
In order to hire the best candidates, you don’t just need an agency who introduces them, you need an agency with the processes to secure them. When you have invested your time and energy in choosing the very best candidate for your role you don’t want to be turned down and fall at the final hurdle.

The importance of a Candidate’s experience in the entire recruitment process – from applying, to interviewing, to being offered, to accepting, to committing, to giving notice and to joining – cannot be overstated.

We use a traditional approach to communication, and meet everyone face-to-face wherever and whenever possible. We make ourselves available outside of office hours as needed. Most significantly and importantly this applies equally to our clients and our candidates.
Every organisation and culture is different, and every job is much more than a Job Description. We want to understand the true value in working with you, your unique culture and identity, and the goals of your business. We want to connect you with people who not only want to join your firm, but who want to stay.
Elevate Your Experience
Choosing Rothstein Recruitment means choosing a partner who understands your industry, respects your unique requirements, and delivers unparalleled service. Our longstanding presence in the City of London, combined with a genuine passion for what we do sets us apart.

Contact us today to discuss your recruitment needs and let us unlock the potential of exceptional talent for your organisation.